I didn't know North Dakota had a bird day

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 9:19 AM

Evidently this is a real thing, acccording to a posting by the Secretary of State’s office. Every April 21 is to be celebrated as bird day in North Dakota.

It is a nice sentiment and hopefully there wasn’t a large anti-bird faction that opposed back when ever this worked its way through the state Legislature.

I appreciate birds as a perfect excuse to get out and just enjoy nature. That is what I was doing a few years back when I captured this frame of the aptly named yellow-headed blackbird with a pelican in the background. If I recall correctly, this was shot at some unnamed body of water, most likely just a wetland slough somewhere northwest of Jamestown.

I like the colors and I like the idea that I had the chance to observe these two species out in their natural habitat.

Get out and do a little bird watching. It can be as simple as watching robins and sparrows in the backyard or an excursion to a wildlife refuge. Whichever works for you, the birds will be waiting.