Keith Norman Books

Fiction set in 1922 Jamestown

All based on true stories.

Fast Horses and Cheap Booze

A fictionalized look at the world of bootlegging and horse racing in 1922 Jamestown. The story features a young woman and her very fast horse and a reporter for the local newspaper. The story is supported by a cast of colorful characters who help make the story a wild ride through the history of Jamestown during its early days.

Dog Acts and Fancy Women

The colorful story of 1920s Jamestown continues when a vaudeville show goes bankrupt in Jamestown. A woman dog trainer puts on shows in Jamestown in a wild ride through the 1920s.

Biplanes and Gold Fields

A barnstorming woman pilot crash lands at Jamestown during the middle of a gold rush just 30 miles away. Fun and adventure follows.

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