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The Whitestone Hill Farm Mysteries are a series of fictional crime stories set in modern day Dickey County of southern North Dakota. The books relate the exploits of Roger, Lisette, Wild Bill and Slick as they face modern day crimes in a decidely rural part of America. Currently, the series includes three books with the fourth planned for the holidays of 2017.

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The series of books set in Jamestown in the 1920s includes the exploits of Wink Wynkoop, ace reporter with The Jamestown Alert. Stories are all based on real incidents from Jamestown's history with heaping helping of imagination, comedy and action.

The stories are set in the 1920s because of the colorfulness of the era. Prohibition, along with the transition to a motorized society, make tales of that era particularly interesting.

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One of the common themes in the books, and a part of Jamestown's history, is the Jimkotans. The Dakota League team played minor league baseball in Jamestown.

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Then there was my Hemmingway phase

Dog Days of the Great War tells the story of a young lady Red Cross ambulance driver from North Dakota and a newspaper reporter from Canada as they try to get through what is now known as World War I with their lives and sanity.

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The President's Safari is set during the 1909 African safari of former president Theodore Roosevelt. The story follows the historic hunting aspects of the party but adds a little espionage and a beautiful spy to the mix.

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